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Facebook Timeline Ad. Image Credit: Facebook.

To the distain of many on social media site Facebook, the Timeline profile will be mandatory for users starting 31 March 2012.

While the new feature allows for more creativity to pages, allow for better app integration and Facebook Page Messaging (allowing for users to send a private message to a Facebook page), Timeline displays your entire Facebook history.

While it may be interesting to see people have progressed through time, it may be cringe-worthy to see old acne prone pictures of yourself, old statuses and friends’ comments bubbling to the surface.

So here are a few tricks to manage your online presence so you still put your best online persona forward:

  1. You can view how others see your page, when you click the “View As” option. After all, what your friends can see should probably be different that what you grandma should see.
  2. Know how to use the “Hide from Timeline” feature as this will allow you to edit or remove posts that you do not want to be seen. Found on the top right hand corner of Timeline posts, this will come in handy.
  3. Photos and albums can now be tagged with the location they are taken from. Someone can tag you in a photo and geotag your location in real time potential causing security risks. For example, a boss may find out the reason you called in sick or if everyone from household is not home, this could increase the risk of burglary. If someone geotags you in an image, you will have to manually remove the geotags from every single image.
  4. Use your “Account Settings” to limit what advertisers can put on your website. Third-party applications should be carefully considered before you have them automatically add activity to your Facebook page. Your Facebook friends may be bombarded with notices about what are you doing and where. In your “Apps” settings in the “Account Settings,” is where you can set preferences or remove your apps.
  5. Last but not least, you should edit your page regularly. This will allow you to optimize what you want to project to the outside world!

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