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While most people would rather sweep the topic of death wishes under the rug, My Last Wish puts it in the limelight. The idea behind this new social networkingiste? To allow users to connect to each other based on the similarities of the things they want to do before they die.

My Last Wish allows users to make wishes and post them on a “Wish Wall”. Users that find similar wishes and dreams can then befriend each other.

The group behind My Last Wish, White Lotus Corporation said that the idea behind the app is the belief that there are at least two people that share the same hopes and wishes. The app was conceived to connect people who have at least one thing in common—their last wish.

Users can also attach their contact details—particularly their email address and their phone number—when they share their dream in the Wish Wall. With this, other users can contact those who have dreams similar to theirs.

Aside from connecting each other by sharing contact information, users can also “give a five” or “aLike” a particular wish. This is to express support and maybe even become friends. So far, the most popular wishes include writing a book to opening a pet store.

Although still in its initial stages, the app plans to add one’s location in the future, allowing users to know who’s physically within reach. Right now, the app is only available through iOS. If it does well though, the company will release an Android version in the future.

So what do you think of My Last Wish? A social networking site you’ll definitely be part of? Or would rather pass on?

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