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Last week, I wrote about the ups and downs of managing your own corporate blog. This week I would like to talk about some very good reasons why you should hire a professional blog writer.

To begin with, a professional blogger understands SEO, keyword placement and web etiquette. This means that a blogging professional who is writing consistently on your blog should be able to attract both search engines and readership. Just as important, they will know the how to properly respond and hopefully retain the traffic that does arrive at your blog site.

Another great argument for hiring a professional blogger is, well he or she is a professional. This means your blogs will be carefully written to represent your company in the best possible light from a marketing perspective and also will focus on interacting with your readers /clients / potential clients in a positive and professionally friendly manner. This may seem an easy task but it can take much skill and finesse.

Blogging is easy, right? After all your competitors have blogs, your industry resources are now in blog format, and even your aunt Hilda writes all about her adventures in gardening. But check up on these blogs after they have been around for a few months. In the beginning many authors post once per day or more. Then it slips to every other day. Soon blog postings are so infrequent that you believe they have been abandoned. A professional blogger does not lose inspiration or get too busy to post regularly. Think about it. You have regular duties, perhaps even an entire company to run. Sometimes it is imperative that you put your blog on the back burner. A professional blogger, however, will post regularly and on time about your business, industry news, or within whatever guidelines you have given.

A good professional blogger cannot only author you blog, they can also read the results of their blogging efforts and adjust their topics, writing style, and/or timing to reflect your readers’ interest and attract a larger following. This may be difficult for a non blogger, not only because you may not understand how to read your analytics but also because it is difficult to remove yourself far enough to see where to improve. As an example let’s say Fred just created a blog for his company Bedpans n’ Stuff. Bedpans are by far Fred’s best selling item. So his instinct may lead him to blog about bedpans every day. Bedpans, however, may not fascinate his customers as much as they do Fred. Even the ones who happen to be in the market for a shiny new bedpan are not really reading Fred’s posts. Fred might throw up his hands in disgust and give up on the whole blogging scene. A professional blogger, on the other hand, should understand that people can only read so much about bedpans and try to attract readership by discussing other topics that people who buy bedpans may also be interested in.

Finally, a professional blogger is inexpensive. In the amount of time that it takes you to research, write and post a blog, what could you be doing instead? Focusing on your core business, following up with sales leads and making money are just a few things that come to my mind. So talk to some professional bloggers for hire today and start attracting the right attention to your blog.

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